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Interior Design

Volpe Curtains & Blinds offer a comprehensive, tailored and professional interior design service.

When looking for Interior Design Sydney, Volpe Curtains & blinds should be your first choice. Our service can include specification of paint colours, window furnishings, soft furnishings, hard surfaces, furniture, wallpaper, upholstery, lighting and rugs.

New builds and renovations – interior design Sydney

Creating that overall concept, from one room to the whole house, new build or renovation. Where necessary, Volpe Curtains & Blinds can make the engagement of tradesmen, offer management of tradesmen and onsite project management if required.


Our top 10 interior decorating tips

1. Mix your patterns

  • Lift a room by mixing several different patterns in different sizes and colours
  • Play around with the fabrics until it looks right

2. Choose your design style

  • Don’t be afraid to combine styles such as combining French Louis arm chairs with a modern linen sofa and a mid-century glass coffee table
  • Mixed styles are less likely to date and creates a more interesting space.

3. Add texture to a space

  • To add depth and warmth to a space add texture
  • Spaces designed with all hard shiny surfaces often feel cold and unfriendly
  • Mix textures such as Timber, linen, leather, wool, old brick work, metals or antique furniture.

4. Plan your room

  • Draw up a floor plan before purchasing any furniture, rugs, lighting for your room
  • Scale and measure to make sure everything fits the space
  • Plan your scheme to ensure that your furniture and fabrics work together.

5. Choosing fabrics

  • Understand the different textures and weaves available for curtains and upholstery
  • Light weight silks are not suitable for furniture, find something that is durable and wears well
  • Speak to our Interior Designers to help you select the right fabric.

6. Lighting

  • Lighting gives a room mood and creates a comfortable space
  • Kitchen and laundrys require different lighting to living areas and bedrooms
  • Dimmers to downlights create mood when required
  • Consider pendant lights as beautiful and functional accessories to dining rooms and over kitchen benches
  • Floor lamps and table lamps give a room intimacy.

7. How much to spend

  • Have a budget in mind when decorating
  • Consider the quality of the products and how long you want them to last as well as comfort
  • In the long term it is actually more economical to invest in quality
  • Save up for that special piece instead of settling for a cheap lounge suite.

8. Ready-made vs custom made cushions

  • Ready-made cushions are an easy and affordable decorating soluiton
  • Custom-made cushions are a luxury item but can be the piece that makes a room ‘sing’
  • Ready-made cushions often have cheaper foam inserts while custom made cushions can specify a mix of feather and down.

9. How to update your room without spending a lot of money

  • Scatter cushions, lamps and throws are an easy and least expensive way to decorate a room
  • You will be amazed how different and updated a room can look by simply replacing or adding throw cushions, new lamp shades and a throw
  • Consider recovering your favourite piece of furniture as a centre piece.

10. Create a room that is ‘You’

  • Your home should be a reflection of you, your family, your needs and your taste and interests
  • Think about what your needs are, how the room is used, the size of your family, how your needs will change
  • Think about the colours you like, what style you like, what items you want to keep, what items mean something to you
  • Your old or meaningful pieces can be combined into your new interior scheme to make your house a home.

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